Serving Old-Fashioned Ice Cream, Handmade on Location.

Our Old Tradition....Reborn!

Our Creamery will blow your tastebuds with our family recipe, homemade ice cream! Stop by anytime during business hours for an excellent treat!

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Milkhouse Creamery is a family owned and operated business. We manufacture high-quality dairy products in an old-fashioned manner. Our processes date back to the methods used in the 1940s and 50s. Milkhouse Creamery's milk and ice cream is a step back in time, to simpler days, delicious flavor and wholesome products the way they were always meant to be enjoyed. All milks that are processed and bottled at Milkhouse (excluding 2% and skim) are made with milk as it "came out of the cow". We do not remove any cream (standardization) which leaves the milk with its natural and best taste. The ice cream is made from the highest quality ingredients we can source! Just a few simple ingredients make our ice cream base. Every product is made on-site with milk from just ONE farm! Every time we make our product, the cows are milked, the milk we need is transported by tank just a few short miles and then it is processed immediately!

If you want to get that true Old-Fashioned feel, try our milk products in the old-time glass bottles just like the Milkman used to bring!!